2011 Spring Update - Lots of new stuff!

Posted on April 17, 2011

This blog was sent out originally via email to everyone on our mailing list from this season and last, however, there were a few bounces - and then of course there's the old spam box. So, to reach out to as many people as possible we're reposting it here.

Hello Bike Racer!

Hopefully this email finds you happy and healthy. There's now just 42 days and counting until race day, and trails are in awesome shape all the way from Deep Cove to D'Arcy, with the exception of Whistler which continues to see loads of snow - in fact, 59 cms on the mountain this past week.

We've got some exciting news to share about the Sea to Sky corridor's newest bike race, which takes place in Pemberton on May 28th: Nimby Fifty is now part of the Hell of a Series, has a new official presenting sponsor and a new start/finish venue.

For 2011, Nimby Fifty is being present by Different Bikes. That's right, the DB crew have hooked up with the boys in Pemby to bring back the epic event. Expect pre-race support from Different Bikes, and great swag prizing from Different Bikes and a host of other sponsors including BC Bike Race, Chromag and BikeCo.

Nimby Fifty registration is still just $65, it goes up to $60 on Wednesday April 20th. The race has been capped at 300 riders and is over 60% full. So if you have not signed up yet, here's a few good reasons to do so - as if the miles of sweet Pemby single track are not enough.

First off, the secret's out, riding in Pemberton is epic and so is this race. It's fun, it's hard and there's an atmosphere simply unrivalled by any other marathon bike race on the Coast. Those who participated last year had nothing but rave reviews on the course, trails and the after party. You will not leave hungry either. Western Promises, a new restaurant in Pemberton specializing in locally sourced gourmet food, will be catering the post-race feast, and Papa Josh will be back to crank out the tunes.

If you're interested in coming up to pre-ride the course, you won't be disappointed. The only portion still under snow is the Big Nimby climb from above Bob Gnarly to the Paraglide Launch. The road up to Overnight Sensation is also quite snow covered though Overnight itself is all clear. Signage will be going up to mark the course in its entirety over the next few weeks.

Still here? Great, now's where we get to tell you about the new start/finish area. This year Nimby Fifty will be starting from and finishing at North Arm Farm, which is just across the highway and a few hundred meters east of where we started from last year. More info on that later. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and checkout our blog for further details and updates.

Happy Trails & Training,
Terry, Russ & Dean
- Nimby Fifty Organizers

Tweet: www.twitter.com/nimbyfifty
Like: www.facebook.com/pages/NIMBY-FIFTY/111002592249577
Visit: www.nimbyfifty.com for all the latest details, race videos and to register online.

Train: if you live south of Squamish, then you might be interested in the free bike race clinics being offered by Different Bikes in West Vancouver, checkout www.differentbikes.ca for the details. 

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