An update on final course preparations

Posted on May 25, 2010

Race day is almost upon us, and as it draws closer our final course preparations are being rolled out.  

Yesterday (Holiday Monday) our course crew (aka Russ) went out and gave some true raking love to a few sections of the course that we felt most needed attention. This included raking the No Err climb, plus the road that leads you to Ramble On, as well as the early part of the Ramble On descent, and finally, the last chute and exit of Overnight Sensation.

Friday morning, we are meeting with our Volunteer marshalling crew to add more signs, arrows and flagging tape to ensure the course is fully race-ready. We will also be bringing some rakes and shovels with us to buff as much of what's left to conceivably buff without making things too easy :-)

Expect to get an email from us on Thursday morning with final details and reminders for the race.

Looking forward to seeing you all Saturday! 

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