Course Fully Marked for Pre-Rides

Posted on May 05, 2010

If you're keen on getting to know the course and doing some pre-race training and/or just want to get a feel for the course you'll be happy to know that Nimby Fifty arrow signs have been placed at all major intersections and trail heads.  

Just be sure to read the course details page and review the map, as there are four key gaps that have not been marked as follows:

  1. the gravel road up to Radio Tower
  2. the gravel road from Radio Tower to Happy Trail
  3. the gravel road from the Paraglide Launch to the Overnight Sensation trail head
  4. bottom of Overnight Sensation to the Mosquito Lake 4-way intersection (up to Sphincter)

For the most part, each of these sections are just longish pieces of gravel road or double track, so if you have an idea of the direction you need to travel then you're good to go. All the other stuff out there on the course is well marked, so even for those unfamiliar with the area you should have no problems finding your way.

Happy pre-riding!

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