Freeride Legend Brett Tippie to MC NIMBY Fifty 2012

Posted on February 24, 2012

We are excited to announce that NIMBY Fifty 2012 will have an official announcer.

For the past two years, race organizers Russ, Dean & Terry, have taken it upon themselves to do the job of everything that putting on a race entails, plus doing all the announcing and awards ceremonies.  The time has come for us to hand-off the microphone and leave that aspect to a professional.  

In true NIMBY Fifty style, we thought we'd do that a little differently, and hire freeride legend Brett Tippie.  Tippie brings passion, excitement and fun to any event he attends. His laugh is infectious and he will hunt you down for an interview to spill the beans. So watch out!

Welcome aboard Brett - we can't wait for the Tippie ride!

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