Introducing NIMBY Fifty Lite

Posted on May 05, 2014

It’s no secret NIMBY Fifty is an awesome event. Legendary course paired with an equally epic venue and after-party. A demanding race, both technically and physically, it's not always for everyone.  

We are passionate about bike racing and want to share this passion with as many riders as possible. Introducing NIMBY Fifty Lite, a short version of the full-on NIMBY Fifty. 

Spread the passion, spread the fun! More good times (and suffering) for everyone!

Who is this for?

Haven’t quite got all the training in you hoped to this spring? Perhaps you bit off a little more than you’d like to chew doing NIMBY Fifty in the past?  Or maybe you’ve heard all the good things about this race but the distance scares you? 

Maybe it is your first bike race and you’d like to start off with something other than what many consider to be the most challenging single-day marathon xc race (physically and technically) in BC, but you want in on the fun?  If any of this sounds like you, then NIMBY Fifty Lite might be a great option this year.

The NIMBY Fifty Lite Course

NIMBY Fifty Lite riders will start at the same time and within the same group as all NIMBY Fifty racers. The Lite course follows the entire start loop of the full course, and follows the main group up Happy Trail and Waco Connector, then splits off just before the core group goes up Big NIMBY, and will head straight for the Mosquito Lake area to ride the final portion of the course, starting mid-way into Dark Forest just below Econodave via an alternate route accessed via the Reid Road & Linda St Intersection by turning right onto Pogers Rd (view map).

Cost & Registration

Cost for NIMBY Fifty Lite is the same as NIMBY Fifty. You will receive all the same perks as NIMBY Fifty racers, including epic post-race meal and beverage plus all the fun of participating in this event minus a little less suffering.

If you’ve already signed up for NIMBY Fifty 2014 and wish to race NIMBY Fifty Lite instead, please contact before May 20th.

Online registration is now open for NIMBY Fifty Lite at:

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