March Madness - A Pre-Spring Update

Posted on March 02, 2012

February was an awesome month for riding

Word on the street is that The Shore is under about 20cm of snow right now. Whistler is covered completely and we're not quite sure about Squamish.  Pemberton, on the other hand, has been spared and has had very little snow on the lower portions of Mackenzie mountain all winter long. We've been riding througout February on Happy Trail, Waco Conector and Big NIMBY right up to (and down) Bob Gnarly.  Radio tower and that zone is totally prime right now too. Upper Big NIMBY and the access roads into the Mosquito Lake area still need some time before they are clear of snow, however, Sphincter and Econoline are actually pretty clear once you get off the access road.

Waco Connector - Feb 15th, 2012

Last climb up road to Radio Tower - Feb 15, 2012

Trail Maintenance

In addition to doing our day jobs, and doing all sorts of planning and organizational work for this year's race, we've also been out doing a fair amount of pre-season trail maintenance work.  Yesterday Dean went out and cleared all of the blowdown on Lumpy's Epic (that trail is not, and never will be part of NIMBY Fifty, but it's certainly a trail not to miss if you come out to Pemby for a ride this summer or late spring).  Lumpy's probably needs at least 3 weeks until it's clear of snow.  Last week, we went out and cleared blow down on all of Sphincter, Econoline, and Grumpy Grouse down to the chute.    We'll be hitting other trails including areas of the course to fix up eroding sections and clear blow down over the coming weeks. 

On that note, we'd like to say a big thanks to all the kind souls and the members of the PVTA who devote their personal time to making, maintaining and overseeing the awesome trails in and around Pemberton.

Fixing up some corners on Big NIMBY, March 2nd 2012

Early Bird Registration Still Open, there are still spots available

We've had our strongest early season registration yet. NIMBY Fifty is now 49% sold out (remember we increased the number from 300 to 400 racers this year over last year).  If this year is anything like year's past, we'll be seeing a jump in the number of registrations around April 20th (when the early bird registration ends) and then in the last two weeks before race day.  If you're on the fence or if you've already signed up and your friends are procrastinating, get on em!  You still have a chance to take advantage of early bird pricing, as well as get entered into our draw to win a GoBandit Helmet Cam. The first 200 to enter online will also be entered into a draw to win one of two UCLEAR Helmet Communicators.

Competition is Heating Up - Max Plaxton to Race NIMBY Fifty 2012

2011 Canadian National XC Champion - Max Plaxton, has officially registered and confirmed he will be in Pemberton on May 26th, 2012 to race NIMBY Fifty.  We're thrilled to have such an accomplished rider, who's currently at the top of his game, coming out to rip it up on perhaps one of the gnarliest XC courses in the country.

2011 NIMBY Fifty Start Chute

Race day is now 84 days away. So get out there and get riding or squeeze in a few more ski days. Because before you know it we'll all be chilling out at North Arm Farm celebrating a great race and some awesome accomplishments.

We leave you with one last gem of a photo, taken a few hours after last year's race.  Though it's hard to imagine now, but you too will soon be needing a hat and sunscreen!

Happy Trails,

Terry, Dean & Russ
NIMBY Fifty Race Directors

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