Mid May NIMBY Update - Your Questions Answered (updated)

Posted on May 12, 2011

Updated: May 22, 2011

In no particular order, here's an update on a few really good questions we've received recently:

Is the race sold out? Can I still get in?

We are still taking racers - or as one recent registrant put it "sacrificial lambs" (that person gets bonus points!)
The race is over 80% full. Once the race is sold out, we will announce it on the website, and the online registration link will be removed. So for now, you can still get in online ($60) or register day-of ($70).

So where's the new start/finish area? Why is it so cool?

The race will start and finish at North Arm Farm, about 0.5 km down the highway from where we started last year.

North Arm is on the south side of the highway which means you will be riding some pavement before you hit the gravel at the start of the race. Some may consider this a blessing, some may consider this un-true to form, we consider it a worthwhile trade off: it's setup for public gatherings large and small; it's a farm that opens its doors to the public every day throughout the summer and fall for all sorts of family friendly fun; and there's also two large covered areas for gathering, eating and drinking along with a fire pit, incredible views of Mount Currie and hey, here's the cool part, it's owned and operated by Pemberton's Mayor - Jordan Sturdy.

Be sure to say thank you to Jordan and his wife Trish for hosting us on their beautiful property for the day!

I would like to camp in Pemberton Friday and/or Saturday night after the race. Where can I do that?

Unlike last year, there is no camping at the start/finish venue,  as North Arm Farm's generous owners have their house right there on the farm and, understandably, don't want us camping on their property.

There's a Provincial campsite located just to the South of Pemberton before you get into town called Nairn Falls Provincial. Park. and it's like 5 minutes drive to North Arm Farm, there's also some campsites to the North up toward Birken as well as lots of B&B's in town.  Here is a good resource for Pemberton accommodation.

Is the course clear of snow?

The course is 100% clear of snow. And we recently cleared out all of the dead fall that covered the trail Let it Go from winter wind storms.

Is the course fully marked?

Yes, the course is fully marked.  Want more info? Checkout the full course description.

I want to pre-ride the course, where should I park and start from?

Since the race starts on private property, we can't park there until race day; so please park either in downtown Pemberton and ride out to "the gravel pit" (nice warm up) or drive there and park at this location. The Gravel Pit is located just before the railway tracks on Old Pemberton Farm Road (see map below) just off of Hwy 99 in Pemberton. It is part of the course. This area is approximately 2km west of North Arm Farm, our official start/finish area for Nimby Fifty 2011.

If you are feeling a bit lost when you first get to town, the guys at the BikeCo would be happy to help you out with some directions. If you want to talk to a real person before you arrive in Pemberton, either about the course or getting to the Gravel Pit, the folks at Different Bikes should be able to fill you in too, especially Pat in West Van.

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How many feed zones are there, where are they and how can my wife/boyfriend/partner/fill_in_blank_here get there?

All of these questions are answered on our newly created Feed Zones page.


As more questions come in, we'll add them to this list!

Happy Trails & Training!

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