NIMBY Fifty 2013 - Course Change - More Singletrack!

Posted on May 01, 2013

Last year we eliminated the gravel road descent from the paraglide launch with the introduction of the new trail, Fifty. This year we are pleased to announce that we're getting rid of more gravel road descending and the lone hike-a-bike section on the back side of the course.  This is all thanks to the hard work of some skilled and dedicated local trail builders, along with the PVTA.

Gravel Road Descent - Eliminated!

We've finally been able to do what we've wanted to do since 2010. We're eliminating the gravel road descent from the NIMBY Fifty race course!  Yes, you read that correctly. This is for real - no more white knuckling it down the road.  Instead, you'll cover the same amount of vertical but spend that time on some wicked fun trails. 

Here's the new route addition:  just as you finish Radio Tower (the very first piece of singletrack you ride on the course), you'll take a hard left onto Cross Town Traffic (if you hit the double track you've gone too far).  Descend Cross Town then look for the first trail you see that breaks off on the left, this is called Lower Moose Jah, enjoy it all the way down to the road. As soon as you hit the road go directly across and enter Lower-Lower Moose Jah ("Connector Trail") which will take you all the way down to some double track. When you hit the double track take a hard right and cruise over to Happy Trail.

We have updated the Course Map to reflect these changes and plan to create a full Strava segment in the coming weeks as another form of reference.  We will also be doing some final buffing on these new trail additions to the course before the race.

The Infamous Hike-a-Bike Section - Re-routed!

When Max Plaxton has to get off his bike to ride an uphill section, you know that it's tough, if not impossible, for mere mortals to ride.  If you've done NIMBY Fifty before, you know the section we're talking about. It's just over halfway between Sphincter and Econoline and on race day you scream and curse as you get off your bike and slug up this wall of a climb. Well, thanks to the PVTA there is a trail builder out there right now working on a new "go-round" that will allow everyone (whose legs are not yet cramping) to joyfully ride this section of trail. 

Trail Days

On Saturday May 11th the PVTA will be hosting a trail day to do final buffing on this new go-round section. On Sunday May 19th NIMBY Fifty will be hosting a trail day to do final buffing on the course.  Anyone who is interested is invited. Stay tuned to our website and facebook page for details.

Happy Trails,
Russ, Dean & Terry

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