NIMBY Fifty Course Conditions - Late April 2012

Posted on April 23, 2012

With May fast approaching, there's been lots of activity on the trails here in Pemberton lately. We've seen and heard of quite a few eager souls from around the corridor pre-riding as much of the course as possible, while Strava has also had a surge of NIMBY course related activity too. If you've not heard about this addictive little app, hit up A great (free) training tool.

Trail Day Goodness

The race course also got some much needed attention at this past weekend's PVTA trail day.

Some "emergency" trail work was done on a section of the Big NIMBY climb just before it joins up with Let It Go. As a result of some serious snow melt occurring, there was a stream running down the trail. So a few volunteers went up Saturday morning and cut three stream diversions to remedy this.

Let it Go (aka upper Big NIMBY) & the Paraglide Launch Road

Further up the trail, 'keen Dean' Linnell (NIMBY Fifty co-director) hiked up Let It Go with his chainsaw and cleared out all of the blow down. There's always a chance trees may be down in that area after a storm though, due to the age of that forest, so always be on the look out in there. Good news is that this trail is totally clear of snow now. However, snow coverage on the road at the Paraglide launch all the way down to Overnight Sensation is at least 1-2 feet deep. Edit: snow coverage is 1-2 feet deep on most of the road down from the Paraglide launch, however, there is zero snow on the road out to Overnight Sensation - it's good to go.

Looking down at the Paraglide Launch - April 21, 2012

Looking down the road, towards Overnight from the Paraglide Launch. April 21st 2012.

The New Trail

The new trail we built last fall, which cuts out a big portion of gravel road descent from the Paraglide launch, is also still under too much snow to get in there and ride. Hopefully all the mild temps and precip this week will change that.

Overnight Sensation

The Red Bull Downtime track, aka, Overnight Sensation got the bulk of the trail day loving on Saturday. A big crew of volunteers worked on the entire lower portion of the trail buffing, fixing and reinforcing things while all of the blow down on the upper sections was also cleared. This trail work was done in heart felt memory of Duncan MacKenzie, who did a great deal of amazing work on Overnight Sensation over the years.

Lower Dark Forest: New Logging Road Connectors

On the Mosquito Lake side of things, another key section of the course that got some attention on Saturday was lower Dark Forest. The final single-track descent of NIMBY Fifty. Terry and Dean went in there with their kids and cut some new trail off of the new logging road that wiped out two portions of the trail last June.

Trail gnomes in motion on the first new lower Dark Forest connector.

Looking down at the first lower Dark Forest connector. Marked for your pre-riding pleasure.

No Major Re-Routing Required

So the good news is no course re-routing will be required this year. You'll ride lower Dark Forest as you would normally, then ride fresh logging road for two short sections mid-descent.

Looking down at the second lower Dark Forest connector. Hit this with speed and it's a step-down air.

How to find the Lower Dark Forest Connectors

Look for the new connector trails off to the right of each logging road to continue along those remaining legacy portions of lower Dark Forest. If that makes no sense at all don't worry - we marked it up as much as possible with branches and rock piles (see images above) so it should be fairly visible for pre-riders where these connectors are. Just ride Dark Forest and keep a look out to your right whenever you hit logging road. Obviously on race day those areas will be further marked with tape, arrows, signs etc.

Happy Trails & Training folks! 

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