Nimby Fifty Sponsor Tent City

Posted on May 03, 2010

Although it will look nothing actually like a city, there will be a few tents at the start of the race. Here's what you'll find there:

Bike tune-ups and supplies - The Pemberton/Whistler BikeCo. will have some bike mechanic love available at the start where you can get a last minute fix and/or supplies (like spare tubes) before the race.

Massage - Pemberton Valley Wellness will be on hand to help alleviate the aches, pains and cramps from your sore muscles after the race.

Food and bevy - A group of passionate, dedicated local ladies will be there to provide quality food and beverages (including beer) for all participants and volunteers following the race (cost is included with registration), they will also have additional food and refreshments available for purchase for friends and families.  All proceeds will be going to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Music - there will be music. 
Update: Papa Josh will be playing a full set at the race!

Fire pit - there will be a big fire pit setup as the evening progresses for those that wanna stick around and shake it down.

PVTA Memberships - The PVTA (Pemberton Valley Trails Association)  will be there to sell memberships, which are only $10. If you ride the trails in Pemby on a regular or semi-regular basis you should definitely get one.  Your ten bucks will help support the maintenance and development of trails (like Big NIMBY!) in Pemberton.

Dog food - bring your pet after the race, as The Raw Dog will be on hand to supply some fresh meat for our four legged friends.

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