5 Year Club

What is it?

For our Fifth Anniversary we wanted to recognize those folks who have suffered with us year after year.  Those riders who have towed the start line since the beginning of NIMBY Fifty way back in 2010 without missing a year.  So we called it the 5 Year Club.  Call it what you want, either way this is no easy task.

Why is it special?

Between injuries, life events and the sheer mental fortitude to train for this race year after year, you need both luck and dedication to make it for all five.  Listed here are those riders who have raced NIMBY Fifty every year and who are currently registered to race in 2014.  If you think you should be on this list, please contact us.   If you have raced every year but have not signed up yet, get on it!

Who's in the club and how are they recognized?

To recoginze our 5 Year Club members, we enlisted our presenting sponsor - Chromag Bikes - to design a custom, limited edition Chromag / NIMBY Fifty ball cap.  This hat will not be sold anywhere. The only way to get it is to earn it!

Michael Robinson
Kris Yip
Joshua Stott
Melanie Gabanna
Regan Kohlhardt
Daniel Stein
Adam Marcinkiewicz
Carsten Ivany
Shahar Machanai
Davey Mitchell
Siobhan  Fox
Manuel Zuppiger
Tom Kemecsey
Kevin Neufeld
Nick Lemmel
Chris Welsh
Declan Wolfe
Rod Dagneau
ted russo

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