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Updated April 12, 2014

* Please note, we reserve the right to make alterations to the course on or before race day.

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Full Course Length and Terrain

The Nimby Fifty course is a classic Marathon mountain bike race as far as time is concerned. The 2010 winner came in at just under 2 hrs 20 minutes. Where this track is a little different from others is that 90% of it  is single track... and by that we mean SINGLE track, not old fire road that is grown in, not wagon trails and definitely no pavement with the exception of the initial 2 km travelling down Hwy 99 from North Arm Farm to the Gravel Pit (and then the same 2 km's at the end of the race).  

NIMBY Fifty Course Elevation Profile
Elevation Profile (Click to Enlarge)

Given all the single-track, if you are concerned about passing opportunities, check our FAQ page as there will certainly be places for passing.

Course Stats
Distance:  ~40km
Ascent: 4,556 ft / 1,388 m
Descent: 4,454 ft / 1,375 m
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Technical Single Track

Much of this terrain is what would be considered technical riding, so expect single track with roots, rocks and even a number of loose dusty sections. It's not the North Shore, but it ain't all buff like Spruce Lake either!

A Detailed Course Description - Play by Play

The race starts out with about  2km of paved road (hwy 99) followed by about a 2 km gravel road (climb) in order to sort out the field; however, after that is done there are only about 2 other small sections where the course will follow anything other than "twigs brushing you as you go by" epic single track riding!

Start Loop

Early on in the race you'll ride classic trails like Radio Tower and new school-ish trails Cross-Town Traffic and Lower Moose-Jah, then onward to Happy Trail (single track climb) and the crown jewel of the race (depending on how you look at it), Big NIMBY, after which we have named the race. This is a long, long climb (101 switchbacks and 11.2 kms in length that is truly one of a kind and one of the most amazingly built climbing trails around.

Mid-Section: NIMBY Climb + Fifty + Red Bull Downtime

After summiting the NIMBY climb, including all of the section called Let it Go, you'll pass the first aid station then do a very short climb up some gravel road which will take you to an almost hidden but well marked trail (on your left) built by NIMBY race organizers called Fifty.  Fifty brings you right onto an old logging road, cruise down (and briefly up) to another classic Pemby descent, Overnight Sensation, and the start of Red Bull Downtime. (EDIT- Note: for 2017 Red Bull Downtime will include Fifty and the gravel road connection, yup, that long!)

Backside: Mosquito Lake

After you shake the cramps out of your hands from Overnight, the course heads over to the Mosquito Lake area. A short steep up brings you to Sphincter (get ready for some punch climbs), Scruffy's Bypass, Rock and Roll and into to Econoline (classic xc, with some more punch climbs). Ride Econline backwards and then up to No Err a fast rolling descent! From there a short traverse and you will rip down toward Ramble On, save some energy because next you'll do a short climb along the newly built extension into Smell the Glove.

Final Bits

Smell the Glove brings you to some old double track, as you blast down get ready to slow and take a hard left into Econodave - a local favourite that mixes rock faces with bermed corners - and merges into Dark Forest, a fast descent through the woods (watch out for those small boulders)! This brings you back onto the new school trail you rode early on in the race -- Cross-Town Traffic and Lower Moose-Jah, exit onto the gravel road you climbed at the start of the race (careful, the last bit of trail here at the exit is tricky), and head straight back down the road. Just before the railway tracks take the gravel road on your left and head east toward the farm toward the finish...

To the finish we go!

Follow the double track for just under a km, where you'll then hang a right over the railway tracks, cross the tracks and immediately take a quick left onto the Friendship Trail, which parallels the tracks and a big open field. You'll follow this trail for about 3/4 of a km then turn right onto a new gravel road for about 300m, then left again onto more gravel road for another 1/2 km then head right onto a final stretch of gravel road which will bring you to the highway. Obey the flagger at this point. Take a right at the highway for 50m then left into the farm to the finish!

Now that you're all done, it's time for a well deserved beverage. Enter, the after party.

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