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Q: I am pre-riding the course, is there anything I should know?

Be sure to view and print off the course map and read the course description so you know what to expect before heading out on the course.  

Best place to park is either at the Industrial Park (if you want to include the Hwy section in your pre-ride) or at The Gravel Pit if you want to skip the extra 2km of Hwy.  

Expect the course to be marked until 1-2 weeks before race day.

If you head over to The Bike Co. before you hit the trails, and ask real nice (maybe buy something from their store like a PVTA Trail Map) they will be more than happy to give you detailed verbal instructions on how to ride the course. Or better yet, bribe your friends who know the course with beer to come and join you!

Q: Where should my support people go during the race?

Aid Station / Feed Zone #2 is where support people are recommended to go (see course map). This feed zone is the virtual mid-point of the race. It is located at the top of the road by the Mosquito Lake junction, just off of Reid Road. Parking for support people is on Reid Road before the 4-way intersection. Please park on Reid Road then walk up the hill to the Feed Zone.

Support teams will not be allowed to drive to the Paraglide Launch (top of Big Nimby).  This is for safety reasons. We appreciate your cooperation.

There will be water and other goodies racers can fill up on at Feed Zone #1 (Paraglide Launch), which will be manned by Nimby Fifty volunteers. 

Q: Will the course be marked?

Yes, the course will be well marked and marshaled on race day. You need not worry if you are not that familiar with the area. In fact, we plan to have the course fully marked (i.e. with Nimby Fifty signature arrow signs) 1-2 weeks before race day.

Q: I really dig that you are doing so much single track on the course... does this mean though that chances of passing are going to be minimal at best?

First off, we capped the race at 400 riders to eliminate mass congestion. Secondly, the whole first 10-15 minutes of the race will be spent climbing a super wide gravel road, which should sort out much of the field as it's a fairly steep grade (steeper than Mountain Hwy north of the yellow gate, that's for sure). After that, there will be about 10-15 minutes of single-track, then back onto some double track for another 5 minutes or so before hitting Happy Trail, which lasts about 15-25 minutes. Between those bits of double-track, we believe the pack will be nicely sorted out before the big ascent. However, after Happy Trail, there will be another 5-10 minutes of double track before Big Nimby for more passing opportunities.

A note about passing: yes, this is a race, but yielding to faster riders throughout the course is only fair, for if someone is right behind you kissing your tire, they've already essentially "beat you" so you should allow them to pass as soon as you safely can do so.  You can then relax and get back into your own groove.

Q: Isn't it a bit early in the season to be racing?

It's never too early! The trails in Pemberton are usually buff and ready to go by early April.  And from a training perspective, this race is a great opportunity to shake out the cobwebs and get set for some of the big-name races not long after Nimby Fifty or just to get yourself set for an epic season. It's also worth noting that the course is on the shorter side of "marathon" races, and has plenty of fun single-track to keep your mind occupied while your legs grind away.

Q: How would you rate the technical sections of this race in comparison to the Test of Metal and GearJammer?

Above all, this race is different than both of those races, because Pemberton riding is not the same as Squamish, due to the terrain and climate.

Nimby Fifty is almost all technical single track (up and down), with the exception of the 4 or so km at the start of the race that will be spent on gravel road, spreading out the field, plus a few more brief stints of gravel road in between.  But of the two, Nimby Fifty is much more comparable to GearJammer in that overall it's more technical; there are few long cruisy flat sections in this race, and lots of technical climbs like you'll find in the crumpit woods area (of Squamish) and technical descents like you'll ride throughout GearJammer.

Some sections of the course are probably equally technical to Test of Metal or Gearjammer's most technical sections, and others are possibly a bit more technical - some some steep loose stuff, and some steeper slick rock.

Be sure to check out the course details page, if you haven't already, there you can cross reference the trails with the PVTA trail map which indicates their level of difficulty rating.

Q: Do you have any recommendations for training?

Have a look at our NIMBY Fifty training page for details.

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