Feed Zones

There are two designated feed zones:

Feed Zone 1 - STOCKED 
Paraglide Launch (Top of Big Nimby/Let it Go climb):

Feed zone 1 will be stocked with water, energy drink, and other goodies like oranges, bananas, cookies etc., along with a super friendly positive group of volunteers who will be there  to greet you with the tunes cranking.  If you want to send a water bottle up with this crew of vollies, you may do so at your own risk, and you must have your water bottle on the paraglide launch bound vehicle by 9:00 AM Sharp on race day.

Please note: No vehicles will be permitted to travel to the Paraglide launch on race day. This is for safety reasons as we will have racers riding down the road throughout the day.

Feed Zone 2 - UNSTOCKED
Reid Road / Mosquito Lake Road intersection:

This feed zone will not be stocked with water, volunteers or food. It is the designated feed zone for racers who are lucky enough to have someone who's willing to come out and feed them mid-race. It's the easiest spot to drive to, and strategically a sensible spot for a racer to receive a feed.  To get there, continue East on HWY 99 past North Arm Farm, and continue following HWY 99 toward D'Arcy and make a left onto Reid Road. Follow Reid Road all the way up and around until you hit the Mosquito Lake intersection, turn left and park at the end of this cul de sac. For accurate driving directions to this spot, check out the google map below.

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